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Symfobia – Smog Of Tomorrow (Music Video)

Slovak symphonic metal band Symfobia presents a music video for the title track of their latest album “Smog Of Tomorrow”. Watch it below.

Symfobia’s debut album “Way Of The Queen” with Erika Strečková on vocals came out in April 2015. Last year, Erika was joined by a new vocalist Simona Janovičová.  Throughout their career, Symfobia has shared the stage with bands such as Nightwish, Amaranthe, Therion and Arch Enemy. In 2019, Symfobia rocked Ronnie Dio Stage of the legendary Masters of Rock festival along with Tarja, Within Temptation, Amaranthe, Delain and other renowned metal bands.

Their second album “Smog Of Tomorrow” came out on March 2nd, 2019. “We are dealing with more global issues such as technology dependence, consumer society, loss of critical thinking, environmental misconduct, etc. “Smog of Tomorrow” is the darker side of mankind and therefore ourselves,” said Erika regarding the lyrical themes on the album. Just like with their previous music videos, the video for “Smog Of Tomorrow” sends out a powerful message; this time, raising awareness of drug and alcohol use. As dark as it may sound, Erika comes to save the day (and her vocal partner Simona) and the video has a happy ending! Check it out below.


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