Lena Scissorhands publishes a lyric book

Lena Scissorhands, the vocalist of Moldovan metal band Infected Rain, unveils her new lyric book. It contains all Infected Rains songs that were published so far and lyrics from other collaborations. In addition, live photos, album artwork and pictures are included.

In a video on her social media, Lena says: „Finally, after a long long time and a lot of hard work, I am ready to announce that one of the projects I wanted to do for so long is ready. […] This book was created thanks to the love and support of some of my friends, family and a big part of people that love and support me on Patreon.” She explains: “The whole idea of this was to give you more of me. To give you more of my art and what we do with Infected Rain.“ 

Due to the current situation caused by corona outbreak, the book will be only available in the US now. For the same reason, Infected Rain have also recently announced the postponed tour dates with Swallow the Sun. They will hit the road in North America in March/April 2021. Stay tuned for more updates from the band.

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