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Outreach present live footage of “Ariadna’s Lament”

Spanish melodeath progressive metal band Outreach unveils a live footage of their track “Ariadna’s Lament”, taken from debut album “Ephimeral Existence”. Watch it below.

Outreach is a progressive melodeath band from Madrid formed by guitarists Tony Liz (Ocean’s Garden), Rafa Howler, vocalist Nines Bathory (Hair As A Crown), bassist Reuven ( HEID) and drummer Axel (Honesty) in 2015. The first concerts started in 2016, supporting other Spanish bands. Meanwhile, they release their first singles: “Pepper’s Ghost” and “Empty Path”, mixed at Phantom Studios by Samu Oittinen (Sonata Artica, Imsomnium…) in Finland. In late 2018, they record their first album “Ephemeral Existence” with Alex Cappa of Metal Factory Studios, and releasing it on April 26, 2019 through Nooirax Productions.

Today, Outreach present a live video for “Ariadna’s Lament”, taken from their debut “Ephemeral Existence”. The song is one of the deepest and rawest songs off the album, the song of sirens with aggressive and intimate overtones told in the first person by Ariadna, to her darker side . It talks about Theseus’ betrayal, about the false reality and the encounter with a parallel reality. The video was recorded on February 1, at Sala Caracol in Madrid.

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