Lyria launches lockdown video series

Brazilian metal band Lyria has launched “Lockdown Sessions” to keep their fans entertained during the tough times caused by a global health crisis. See more details below.

For Lyria, not even distance cannot end the desire to make music, which is why the Lockdown Sessions, a series of videos recorded via cell phones at each member’s home, was launched. Ensuring social isolation, the band encourages each fan to stay in their homes, but still enjoy the good old metal. With weekly releases, the series already features the songs “Jester”, “Follow the Music”, “Light and Darkness”, and a tribute to Linkin Park – a mashup of “Crawling” and “Numb”.

While the streaming of shows is done from Lyria’s home studio, in Lockdown Sessions, each one of the members is in their own home, or studio, and the performances are recorded on the member’s cell phones. With no end in sight, the series will feature more songs from the band’s two albums, “Catharsis” (2014) and “Immersion” (2018), as well as some surprises.

“Bands have a role not only for entertainment but also for inspiration. Many fans are mirrored by their idols, so it is important to set positive examples and stay at home. We cannot stop producing, so we will continue to produce content together, but separately. We know that we are living in difficult times, but things will get better. As we say in our last video released, Last Forever, ‘the pain won’t last forever’. We have to live one day at a time and always try to do our best. We will continue our mission to bring joy to our fans, whether through live chats, videos, etc.,” concludes Lyria’s lead singer Aline Happ.

The videos are released every Thursday on the band’s official YouTube channel. You can check out the first video in the series, “Jester”, below:

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