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Morphide – Akeneo (Music Video)

Alternative/progressive metal band Morphide presents a new video for their fourth single “Akeneo”, captured during the last year’s autumn tour. Watch it below.

Morphide was founded by vocalist Eissa and guitarist Chris in June 2019. The band focuses on the emotionality of the song, delivered through the atmosphere and heavy riffs, making their songs “breathe”. The band takes inspiration from such bands as Tesseract, Karnivool, Spiritbox and Northlane.

“Akeneo” is the band’s fourth single and, so far, the most complicated in terms of vocals. Eissa takes centre stage with her breathtaking range, showcasing both her high-quality clean vocals with a pinch of distortion on the highest notes and thundering screams. As an emphasis to the vocals, an instrumental part, fully composed by Chris, is diverse and delivers heavy flows, sharp riffs and mesmerizing tones. The song has this feeling of melancholy, alternating with aggression and inspiration, supporting astonishingly deep lyrics.

“Sometimes people enter the circle of melancholy and self-pity, which they cannot break, and even if realizing it’s all wrong, they are still not able to make changes on their own” Morphide explains. “While waiting for someone to do the “dirty job” and help them out, they actually are in an endless loop of misery”.

The music video for “Akeneo” was filmed during the Wild Spirit tour in November 2019, covering four countries, such as Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the Czech Republic. The song was mixed and mastered by Myroslav Borys-Smith at Jigsaw Audio.


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