Floor Jansen launches Saturday Storytime series on Youtube

Dutch metal queen Floor Jansen has launched a Youtube series “Storytime”. Watch the first episode now.

As many artists, I should be on tour right now, but I’m not,” says Floor. And while not being able to tour at the moment, she had an idea to create something to stay connected with her fans, “to chat a little bit about what’s happening, show my face even if not on stage.” While she likes being at home, in her beautiful bubble, she misses the road and thought ” it might be a nice idea to share some stories with you, stories about things that are happening in my life right now or maybe to get back in time and tell you some funny stories.” 

The first episode created with the help of her husband and Sabaton drummer Hannes Van Dahl offers a glimpse into their home and introduces their two horses Lily and Auri.

“It’s a whole new world, this video making! But tons of fun!” comments Floor, so stay tuned for the second “Storytime” episode, coming this Saturday.

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