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Album Review: Sündenrausch – “Original Sin”

The new year has brought us some absolute bangers thus far, with further promise of more excitement in the coming months with some epic Metal releases across the board – some of which stretch as far as Hamburg, Germany. Embarking on a new journey, Sündenrausch has chosen to rise up, stepping into the frigid waters of a world anew to embrace English lyrics and a mix of 80’s sound to their newest album due out March 18th, 2022 – ‘Original Sin’.

In 2021, the band chose to utilize crowd-funding resources to develop a new album combined with a grant from The Wacken Foundation that seeks to keep the Metal vein alive and thriving for the future. With driving beats, and heavy guitars at the helm, Sündenrausch is infusing their dark rock compositions and infectious melodies with familiar, 80’s sound while keeping the Heavy Metal vibe from their roots.

‘Original Sin’ starts off with a track called “Dawn of Time” – it’s a dark intro into what awaits us on the album. A ticking clock grinds on our mind before an otherworldly voice echoes out of the void and the story begins… with sin.

The second track, “Red Sun” is reminiscent of Lord of Lost’s favourable beats; a technoscape of Metal pales the shadows and further unveils Sündenrausch unto us. Kira’s vocals are light yet, harmonious with an intriguing tone. The atmosphere is heavy, dense with crimson air as the melody pulsates in your veins. Its catchy harmony is hard not to vibe with, and the lyrics that linger like “a red sun will rise” lengthened by heavy riffs make something so simple seem so defiant. This is one track to find yourself playing over again and again.

“Trapped in Limbo” continues with the 80’s techno-like melodies and is as elusive as it is intriguing. With delicate synthesizer keys like glittering twilight and solid rhythm guitars, it’s not hard to find yourself captivated by the instrumentals of this track. Kira’s vocal composition is admirable, with mystical highs and deepened lows that give emotion to this already epic track.

“Original Sin” which feats Blutengel’s Chris Pohl is one of the best off the album as its title would suggest. It’s reminiscent of the bike race in Tron with the heavy synthesizers and back beat. Solid riffs hold their place amongst the electro-chaos alongside a steady foundation of drums and bass. It’s a slow-burn track but, one you recite to yourself moments after it begins with the lines “I can feel it under my skin, something calling from deep within” calling to your very soul.



As we continue down the movie-montage of melodies, we are hit with “Black Water” that starts on a higher key than the others but quickly delves into a melodic track with thunderous riffs and beautiful vocals. Filled to the brim with rapturous guitar solos, ecliptic highs, and boisterous lows this track is far from being dark or ‘black’ as its title would claim; rather it embraces a light and enigmatic sound that encompasses all with ease.

“Necromancy” is a nightmarish track with carnivorous growls, harsh synth, and heavy bass that creeps into your mind like an ever-looming shadow. This one feels less 80’s than the previous tracks but, the chorus is quickly evident that it’s been derived from some late 80’s horror film inside a night club. Are you seeking Vampires, or are they hunting you? This track thoroughly depicts the chase but, never quite reveals the destination.

Nearing the end, we hit “Demon” – a dark, and brooding track latching onto the back of Necromancy to drown the atmosphere in crimson and shadow. It’s low, slow, and filled with mysterious corridors of growls and siren-sounds that only amplify the energy of this track. Lyrically, I’m not a fan of this as it seems too cliché in my opinion but, the angelic vocals are tantalizing with the perfect holds and ferocious drop that makes this track so memorable.

“Mortals” featuring Lord of Lost’s Chris Harms has cowboy-style acoustics against hard-hitting guitars that catches you off guard from the get-go. This track’s melody is unique and easily caught me head bopping along. It’s not overly complex, keeping its focus on the vocal composition while solos stick to the techno-western vibe making this track a further standout. With perfect build-ups, and brilliant drops, this is one of the best off the album.

An intensely attractive track, brimming with lust and vengeance is the track “Collide”. There’s an untamed energy about it that keeps you intrigued as the dancey melody carries you away. One of the heavier tracks on the album instrumentally, that works well lyrically as well as a potential instrumental only piece. The energy of the song is contagious and it’s hard not to imagine yourself dancing along to it in an underground nightclub.

“Electric Prayer” carries on the instrumental vibe with its thought-provoking elements. It’s a simple interlude that re-establishes atmosphere and emotion before carrying forward.

A haunting melody, “Halo” persuades us to press on like voices guiding us from beyond. It’s an angelic serenade of deep riffs, constant bass, and sparkling symphonics. Eerie piano keys back the weighty track to add tension to simple, yet mysterious lyrics like, “she is so divine”. The intricately layered harmonies balance to create a Castlevania-like feel both in sound and atmosphere while Kira’s steady vocals speak volumes on the heavenly elements. However, can we truly believe that the halo is a savior from peril, or perhaps it’s merely re-shaped horns.

The final track, “The Lost Ones” is one that rings out into the air like a wild storm. It starts slow but, strong with heavy chords and airy vocals to wind through an Alice-in-Wonderland tale that peaks with brilliantly unique solos and fluid musical force.



Overall, this album does what it sets out to do. It has an 80’s vibe to it, and Kira’s vocal command over English lyrics is seamless. I wish there was more height to the vocal capabilities Kira emits, as most tracks seem to hold similar tone and note but, it still holds up well with the combination of guest vocal contrasts and differing melodies.

Favourite Tracks: Original Sin, Mortals, and Black Water.

Release Date: March 18th, 2022
Label: Independent
Rating: 7/10
Track Listing:
1.) Dawn of Time
2.) Red Sun
3.) Trapped in Limbo
4.) Original Sin (feat. Chris Pohl)
5.) Black Water
6.) Necromancy
7.) Demon
8.) Mortals (feat. Chris Harms)
9.) Collide
10.) Electric Prayer
11.) Halo
12.) The Lost Ones





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