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Single Review: Beyond Frequencies – “Cast A Spell”

Known for their megalomania in finding a unique location for shooting each music video comes Beyond Frequencies with their single “Cast A Spell.” Debuting March 11th, 2022. Location switch applies to this track as well, with a truly mystical song taking the band to shoot in two fantastic locations at once.

Their 2020 album release, titled “Megalomania” quickly gained worldwide attention with their music video for “After Dark” quickly amassing more than 100,000 views. The mix of electronics, clean vocals, and wild instrumentals can only be fit into the category of Alternative Metal, while Beyond Frequencies still offers up plenty of surprises.

Their newest single, “Cast A Spell” is short, catchy, and the right level of heavy and melodic with vocals that immediately pulled me in with their unique and exquisite tone. The melody is rich with deep bass and wild riffs that escalate rapidly paced drums to create a painting of fantastical madness.

“Lately, we are losing ground, looks like we are going down,” is an exciting drop to an elusive chorus that’s easy to find yourself singing along to. I quickly found myself bopping my head almost instantly with this track and I truly cannot wait to hear more as the sound is outstanding, and I need more length to add to what only feels like a teaser to my ears.




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