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Album Review: Invisible Control – “Created in Chaos”

Brazilian Death Metal Destroyers Invisible Control, are ready to peel back the layers of musical complexity and dish out some of the wildest sounds you’ve ever heard on the upcoming album “Created in Chaos” out February 25th, 2022.

Formed in 2020 amidst the worldwide pandemic, Invisible Control is made up of members Daniela Serafim (Vocals), Wagner Campos (Drums), Dennys Parente (Guitar), Marco Melo (Guitar), and Marcos Flàvio (Bass). They decided to release their debut album with lyrics that address political-religious fanaticism, phobias, and torments that afflict Humanity. They build on a fusion technique with melody, aggression, and intensity while remaining unattached to any label.

Despite ranging primarily in the Death Metal subgenre, the mix of elements on this album are far from being bound to a single form, dabbling in other subgenres that bring a refreshing image to the metal scene. This album is to be released both digitally and physically with the physical copy featuring not one but, two cover variants done by artist Alcides Burn.

“Creation of Chaos” is a jaw-dropping opening track that’s heavy, harsh, and dramatic. There is no light introduction into this band’s power and musical competitiveness. The flood of combative vocals and violent double kickers make it obvious that Invisible Control is here and they’re going to be heard.

The second track, “Killing Another One of Us” is a head-banger; it’s like a thrill-ride down fury road that catches you from the start. I thoroughly enjoy the pacing of this track, as if it feels haywire yet anxious in delivery, like you don’t know where it’s headed next. Hellfire riffs tear through the void with wild holds, and courageous breakdowns that leave no note untouched.



“Purgatory” is a track that feels vaguely familiar like oldschool thrash, with Kreator-style riffs that tear right through you like a rusted blade. It’s a high-octane track with sludgy bass, and wild guitars that hammer at you from every shadowy corner. It’s rich in harsh vocals that take in both deep growls and rigid screams with precision. The drums on this track are flawless, following an unseen rhythm that perfectly binds this track while simultaneously launching it right into your face.

The acoustic switch over that comes with “Devoures” may take you by surprise but, the dreary death metal tone still comes through. The careful plucking of guitar strings mixed with the low bass that simply crawls along is all too elusive before it drops you into a minefield of pure insanity. From heated guitars to savage growls, this track is a shocker from end to end. The solos add fire while the song itself holds steady with a unique intro that leads us down an aisle of blood and carnage with every step.



The tracks “Invisible to You” and “Cold Blood” take hold and drag you through the bloodshed without yield. “Invisible to You” holds some high-epic cinematic musical skill that puts me high on a cliff overlooking a bloody battlefield; all while “Cold Blood” hammers us into the ground with searing riffs and gun-blazing drum work. The prior track marries beautiful symphonic style riffs with head-bludgeoning vocals, while the latter carries the vocal intensity to a higher level.

The track “Sons of the Damned” debuted with a lyric video on January 17th, 2020 on YouTube and defines the album with terrifying breakdowns and lyrics that punch you in the gut. “We are condemned to lose our lives” strikes like a rattler from the beginning. This is heaviness by definition as it hits you repeatedly with back-breaking drums and face-melting guitars solos that pull sound from the very depths of hell.



“Cursed Be” is the final track from the album; the speed and fury of this track are hypnotizing with furious guitars and tremor-like drums shattering my expectations. Invisible Control claims they are unbound by genre of stereotypical metal elements and this track proves it. From rapid drumming, to guitar holds on high energy, this track breaks down every moment you wait for and twists it into something entirely different. There’s melodic depth, thrash speed, and death metal howls that make your skin crawl. There’s even a hint of doom that comes near the end that perfectly envelopes this album and the band’s truth to their claim of genre freedom. Vocally, it seemed a tad redundant but, I came expecting it for a Death metal debut. With that said, it is a debut, and growth with this band is more than a concept – it’s an infinite. Musically, this album is rich in diversity and skill, confidently experimenting with rhythm and sound from start to finish. Invisible Control’s debut album “Sons of the Damned” is one for ever Death Metal playlist with a myriad of breakdowns, solos, and vocals that could pull you in at one moment and break your neck at the next.

Release Date: February 25th, 2022
Labels & Release Partners: Xaninho Discos, Voice Music, Rapture Records, and Two Beers or Not Two Beers Records.
Rating: 7/10
Track Listing:
1.) Creation of Chaos
2.) Killing Another One of Us
3.) Purgatory
4.) Devoures
5.) Invisible to You
6.) Cold Blood
7.) Sons of the Damned
8.) Cursed Be




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