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EP-Review: ElisaDay – “Auftakt”

It’s not often that a band can put forth a 4-track EP that leaves me breathless, but ElisaDay does just that. The Symphonic-Metal band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, was formed in 2013, after band members of ‘Lanewin’ separated from their vocalist Anna Beliva. After several vocal auditions, Lubov Dunaeva was chosen to join them for her unique voice and talent.

In a similar fashion, their debut EP titled ‘Find the Answer’ consisted of only 4 tracks which were promptly recorded and left to linger until 2014, where they were finally able to mix and master their songs into perfection.

ElisaDay consists of members Lubov Dunaeva (Vocals), Denis Geit (Bass), Dmitry Popov (Guitars), Ivan Kaiser (Keyboards), and Igor Borodin (Drums) with each displaying remarkable skill and dedication on each and every track of the newest EP, “Auftakt” which translates to ‘beginning’ or ‘start’ in English.

“Inner War” is the first track off the album, and it is very epic in sound; sparking cinematography level images of fantasy battlefields sprawled across the land as you soar over from high above. Heavy symphonics and mesmerizing orchestrations are boosted by metal riffs and delicate vocals to bring together an introductory track of unparalleled passion and strength.



The second track, “Fire or Ice,” features heavy keys that embrace delicate chords until the orchestrations come together in harmony to unleash symphonic fury I haven’t heard since Nightwish’s “Ghost Love Score” came to be. Lubov’s vocals are a careful blend of soothing lows and astounding highs in a passionate expression of limitless vocal talent. It has the gentle melodies of laying in the long grass beside a cool, calm river before the realization of war tears back into your mind. Comfort is lost, and battle is before you in a hymn of brutality and bloodshed. As you blink between memory and reality, you fight between fire and ice.

One of the heavier metal tracks off the EP is “Poison Ring” that uses symphonics to add eerie atmosphere and aura to a darkened tune. Do not be discouraged as the instrumentals break through completely at the near two-minute mark to amplify chaos and bring this fantasy tale into full view. Creeping shadows, a towering palace, and fierce resolve hammer this track with beautiful visuals as the melody adds tension; the melody grows more prominent as Lubov embraces it with her siren’s song, leaving a note that lingers on your very soul.

“Hear Me” is the final track off this EP that begins with haunting orchestrations that paint the scene in dark crimsons and dreaded darkness. The atmosphere is fueled by a fog of fear and mystery that dances into a cascade of rising complexity and wild landscapes.

It’s a track that could easily find itself at the center of any Fantasy Soundtrack with its tremendous intricacies of balanced symphony and miraculous vocal command. At nearly 10-minutes in length, this track takes us on a journey from War’s beginning to end with terrifying mids filled with complex battles, bloodied by brutal metal growls, reminiscent of old Dimmu Borgir. ElisaDay dabbles in subgenres with this song, easily marrying tones and sound to create the perfect fantasy epic from start to finish.

This is the first 10/10 I’ve ever dished out, and it came with great ease. The energy put into this 4-track Ep is nothing short of astounding with no effort being spared from lyrics to instrumentals. From beginning to end, we are taken on a visually stunning journey through some fantasy tale that smacks us with sorrow, excitement, fear, and determination. It never lets up, with a talented array of vocal decadence, brilliant riffs, mysterious chords, and an abundance of deep bass and drum work that leaves my jaw on the floor.

Favourite Tracks: Inner War, Fire or Ice

Release Date: October 15th, 2021,
Rating: 10/10
Label: Independent
Track Listing:
1.) Inner War
2.) Fire or Ice
3.) Poison Ring
4.) Hear Me




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