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Floor Jansen of Nightwish collaborates with Sabaton

Listen to Floor Jansen, the vocalist of Nightwish and Northward, doing vocals on one of the new tracks from Swedish metal giants Sabaton. Find “The Future of Warfare” featuring the Dutch vocalist below.

“The Great War” is the ninth studio album by Swedish power/heavy metal band Sabaton that dropped today, July 19. The album tells the story of The Great War, also known as the First World War. “Four years of conflict that shook the world and took 4 empires with it to the grave, the consequences of which still echo to this day,” says the band on the album’s concept. Floor Jansen is featured on the soundtrack version of “The Future of Warfare”, available on “The Soundtrack to the Great War” special edition of Sabaton’s new release. 

Floor comments: “I can tell you that this is actually my personal favorite, a very diverse album where the band really challenged itself and shows a beautiful walk through the history of the cruel First World War. Both lyrically and musically super, an album you want to take your time for! And play LOUD while driving on the highway!”

Jansen’s ties to the band are undeniably strong. She’s married to Sabaton drummer Hannes Van Dahl, and the happy metal couple welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Freja, in March 2017. Floor adds: “Of course, I am proud of my dear husband Hannes van Dahl for his fantastic drums. Go Sabaton!!!”