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Helle Bogdanova of Ignea is covering Cellar Darling

Helle Bogdanova, the vocalist of Ukrainian modern oriental metal band Ignea unveiled an acoustic cover of “Death” by Cellar Darling. Listen to her cover below.

The band started in Kyiv as Parallax, changing their name to Ignea in 2015. Intentionally, it was the first Ukrainian band to play oriental metal. However, they didn’t limit themselves to strict boundaries of oriental metal, and soon they included symphonic, industrial, progressive and other modern metal elements in their sound. Vocally, both melodic singing and growling by frontwoman Helle Bogdanova are characteristic for Ignea. The band debuted with an EP “Sputnik”, followed by a full-length album “The Sign Of Faith” in February 2017. Currently working on their next album, Ignea booked a recording studio for August 2019. 

A while ago, the vocalist Helle created a Patreon under the name “Luna from Cydonia“. There she uploads her poems, cover songs, original songs, exclusive Ignea related stuff and more. 

Recently, as requested by one of her patrons, Helle (or Luna) covered this melancholic piece from Swiss progressive trio Cellar Darling. “Death” is originally featured on their latest concept album “The Spell” telling a very dark, theatrical and tragic story of a nameless girl who falls in love with Death. Listen to Helle’s interpretation of “Death” below.