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Ignea – Jinnslammer (Music Video)

Ukrainian melodic metal band Ignea releases a video about revolution shot at the historical Soviet building that looks like a flying saucer. Watch “Jinnslammer” below.

The location for the video shooting requires special attention — it’s a historical Soviet building located in Kyiv, Ukraine, and constructed according to Florian Yuryev’s and Lev Novikov’s project. Its conference hall located in the ‘flying saucer’ has unique acoustics and allows full-range reception of human voice and musical instruments in any part of it, without using any electric amplification at all. The suspended ceiling is concaved over the amphitheater, with its dome pointing inside the space. This configuration gave the hall its acoustics.

‘Yuryev designed the ‘flying saucer’ as a theatre of lights with an acoustically treated hall. However, the Communist Party and the KGB re-purposed the space to become a cinema and ordered to install socialist frescos instead of lighting fixtures,’ says Helle. ‘It was an incredible feeling to shoot a video about a revolution at the place where socialists literally had their meetings. I still remember walking the long dark corridors in the basements with metal archives (not that’s a word twist!) This ideology was flying in the air.’

The song is taken from “The Realms of Fire and Death, a concept album with strong story-telling, metaphors, symbols, and is accompanied by a book of short tales incorporating the lyrics of each song. It is divided into three major parts, each consisting of 3 songs. Songs of each part are outlining a certain separate story, bringing the themes of fire and death from various perspectives. And so does Jinnslammer”, with its catchy chorus: 

Strike a match, let’s make it bright,
Burn all networks at one time, may they wish they were in hell.
There’s no smoke without a fire,
There’s no change without being rebel, I tell!” 


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