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Bendida – Civilization (Music Video)

Bulgarian epic fantasy metal band Bendida just premiered a brand new video for the song called “Civilization”. Watch it below.

The band’s new album “First of the Heroes” was produced by the Romanian label “Psychosounds Music” at the beginning of March 2020. “Civilization” is one of the six parts from the 16-minutes-composition named “History of the World”. The video was made by Boyan Karamfilov and you can see a magical view from “Peristera” Fortress.

Music of Bendida combines majestic metal sound, melodic female and male vocals, classical instruments and various rhythmics influenced by the Bulgarian traditional folklore. The themes are bringing the spirit of fantasy, legends, mythology, fairy-tale characters and ancient Gods. There is an academic choir, involved in the video and the album recording – Academic Choir ” Sveta Paraskeva” with leader Galina Lukanova. They take part in records, concerts and you will see them in the new video “Civilization” too.

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