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AfterTime reveal a new single feat. Angel Wolf-Black

Minnesota-based symphonic/cinematic metal band AfterTime unveils a new single off of their upcoming studio album “The Farthest Shore”. Listen to “Nìmata Moìrais” with Angel Wolf-Black on guest vocals below.

The song is taken from AfterTime’s long-awaited new album “The Farthest Shore”, due out September 25, 2020.  The beautifully detailed artwork was created by Jan Yrlund (Darkgrove Design) and the album Shore was mixed by Joost van den Broek (Epica, Xandria, Stream of Passion). Joining the band are MPLS – imPulse – a 16 person professional choir who have lent their dynamic voices to many of the tracks on the album and Lukas Knoebl (Aeonata) responsible for the wonderfully grand orchestrations.

01. Battle of the Sea
02. Edge of the Earth
03. World We’ve Lost
04. Nìmata Moìrais
05. Planetary Eyes
06. Sanctuary
07. Dare to Roam
08. A Journey Itself
09. Survive the Storm
10. The Aftermath
11. No Turning Back
12. The Farthest Shore
I. A New Haven
II. Crimson Sky
III. Theater of Earth

Listen to “Nìmata Moìrais”:

“Set sail from your homeland and join us on a voyage across vast oceans, to mystic islands, and golden shores. Face impending storms and listen to the tales told by travelers. Join us on a journey to The Farthest Shore.”

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