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Cobra Spell unleash debut single “Poison Bite”

Cobra Spell,  European/American heavy rock/metal band influenced by the Golden Era sound of the 80’s founded by Sonia Anubis and Sebastian “Spyder” Silva, unveils their debut single. Listen to “Poison Bite” below.

The band came to life in summer of 2019 when the guitar duo met Alice Cooper who advised them to follow their dreams of making music together. Besides Sonia (Crypta, ex-Burning Witches) and Sebastian (Idle Hands, Silver Talon, ex-Spellcaster), the band’s lineup includes Alexx Panza (Hitten, Jack’Starr’s Burning Starr) on vocals, Angelina Vehera on bass and Mike “Lucas” Verhof (Blacksteen Yngwie Malmsteen/Rainbow tribute) on drums.

“Poison Bite” is the first single Cobra Spell present to the world, taken from their 4-track debut EP “Love Venom“, due out September 4, 2020. See the cover artwork and tracklisting:

1. Come on Tonight
2. Poison Bite
3. Love Venom
4. Shake Me


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