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Star Insight – It’s All Lies (Music Video)

Finnish symphonic metal band Star Insight releasee a new single and music video from their upcoming second album. Find “It’s All Lies” below.

Finnish symphonic metal band Star Insight is back after six years. The band released their debut album “Messera” in 2014 and they are ready to release its successor “Across The Galaxy” on October 16th 2020 via Inverse Records. The band released its second single “It’s All Lies” today on all essential streaming platforms.

Mikael Nurmi (guitars, synth and programming) comments: “”It´s All Lies” is among the first songs composed for the upcoming “Across The Galaxy” album. Therefore, it was an easy choice for a second single. The song begins with a strong guitar solo, followed by a melodic vocal and a harder-sung chorus. Catchy guitar and vocal melodies, flamboyant symphonic elements and machine-like arpeggio are also heard. The lyrics deal with the illusion of life where even the wrong is true. Everyone believes a lie, but no one would want to hear the truth. In the midst of all this utopia, we want to believe that everything is right and purposeful. However, the reality is second class. In the midst of blood, tears, and fragments is a raw truth that we can never escape.”

The album is mixed and mastered by Kimmo Perämäki (Spiritus Mortis, Masquerade, Celesty). See the artwork and tracklist below:

01 Escape As A Last Resort
02 Reaching For The Sky Above
03 I´m Not a Number
04 It´s All Lies
05 Withing Horizon
06 Across The Galaxy
07 Death To The Stars
08 Past, Present & Future
09 Lost In The Starlight
10 Over The Edge
11 Shine On Me Once Again

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