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Taleteller – Emerald Creek (Lyric Video)

Hungarian symphonic metal band Taleteller presents a lyric video for “Emerald Creek”. Watch it below.

Taleteller consists of five musicians from Hungary, taking great influences from bands like Nightwish, Delain, Two Steps From Hell. Heavy guitar riffs and enormous symphonic orchestra parts invite the listeners into a deep, surrealistic journey. Each album focus on one story and the tales take place in the same universe.

Taleteller was born in 2010 Budapest, Hungary from Tibor Tóth‘s mind. The idea was simple: Form a symphonic metal band that has only one core story on the whole album. The band released their demo album “Hope Dies Last” on 14th of February 2014. Their debut gig was on the 18th of April 2015, along with several other gigs later during the summer of the same year. After a difficult period, two of the former members decided to leave the band. However, Taleteller continued to work relentlessly on the 2nd album of the band to continue the journey. 

When Tibor started planning the new album he wanted to put a much bigger emphasis on the symphonic parts when compared to “Hope Dies Last”. Mihály Uhljar came to his help who joined the band in August of 2017 as Symphonic Orchestrator. With his help writing the symphonic parts of the album became much faster. By October of 2018, the writing of the new album has concluded and studio recordings have begun soon after with the new vocalist Annamária Csák. 

The new studio album “The Path” will be released in the fall of 2020. The first single called “Aurora” was released in June, followed by “Emerald Creek” today: 

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