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Visions Of Atlantis unveil a live video for “Release My Symphony”

Symphonic metallers Visions Of Atlantis unveil live footage of “Release My Symphony”, taken from the upcoming live album/Blu-Ray/DVD with Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague, “A Symphonic Journey to Remember”. Watch it below.

The band’s long cherished dream came true: An unforgettable journey through the maritime depths of their history accompanied by the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague! Set your sails for an intoxicating, symphonic reverie backed by the marvelously talented Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague! VISIONS OF ATLANTIS reveal their second live single, “Release My Symphony”, along with an atmospheric music video, cut from their very first live DVD / Blu-Ray / CD “A Symphonic Journey To Remember” (out October 30 via Napalm Records).
Delicate violin lines encircle the marvelous intro, exploding in fast-paced drums and electrifying riffs until it has unfolded to the full potential of the symphonic vanguard. With the orchestra’s backing and heart-wrenching duets of Clémentine Delauney and Michele Guaitoli, Visions Of Atlantis present a new peak in their musical output and underline that they’ve arrived in the royal symphonic league.
Following the release of their latest chart-breaking studio album, Wanderers (#17 UK, #30 US, #39 DE), symphonic metal alliance Visions Of Atlantis are now ready to conquer your eyes and ears with this unique, first-class live appearance! Enter the maritime depths with Visions Of Atlantis and watch the live video for “Release My Symphony”:

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