Wicked Asylum announces line-up changes

Italian all-female heavy metal band Wicked Asylum has announced line-up changes. Lead guitarist Federica Fade Mapelli decided to take a different path. Read more below.

“Today we have a very important announcement to make. From now on, our Fade will venture into other wonderful challenges, but without us,” announced the band today. “There is so much emotion, it is pointless to pretend, but the love that we have for each other has helped us to overcome even this with no regrets; although she will no longer be part of the line-up, she will always be a part of Wicked Asylum in spirit!”

Message from Federica:

“My journey with Wicked Asylum ends here.

No sadness, but a lot of gratitude for giving me the opportunity to grow both as a musician and as a guitar player.

I decided to undertake a more personal path aiming to grow, improve myself and confront those which are my “walls” as a guitarist.

A solo chapter begins for me, a tortuous journey in search of that sound that represents me the most, capable of moving you even more!

Thanks for everything. I will treasure all the precious memories of these years spent together. I wish you all the best!

With all my love,

Wicked Asylum was founded in 2009; since 2015, with a new shining line-up, they hit the stage on numerous stages in Northern Italy and Europe. In 2016, they released their first EP “Rebirth” and two videos, “In My Soul” and “Silent Watchers”. In December 2018, a crowdfunding campaign for their debut album reached 150% of the initial goal. Wicked Asylum released the debut album “Out Of The Mist” this February. Watch the music video for “Split”, the first single of the album:

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