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Video premiere: Chaos Rising – Thrive

All-female collaborative metal project Chaos Rising unveils new death/thrash song “Thrive”. Watch the music video premiere on Metal Goddesses. 

Chaos Rising is an online collaborative metal project created in 2019 by French songwriter, vocalist and instrumentalist Stéphanie Nolf. It unites female metal artists from all across the globe with a purpose to show and promote their abilities and talent. “We are women playing and producing metal music together, nothing more,” says Stéphanie humbly, but there’s a lot of work and passion behind the whole project from everyone involved.

The real magic of Chaos Rising lies in the fact that the collaborators get involved in a wide spectrum of aspects of the music industry; from playing to recording to album production to promotion and design. “We work in teams according to the different metal style musicians want to do: Thrash, Death, Melodic metal, Doom, Hardcore…” says Stéphanie. “Everyone can work on as many songs as they want, work in a different team. There is a lot of flexibility which allows us to publish something regularly.” 

So far, the group of these talented ladies which counts over twenty collaborators from Europe, UK, Latin America and Asia has released five original collaborative songs (“The Sinner”, “Media Control”, “Distress”, “The End Of Ignorance”, “Hybris”), with the sixth one being unveiled today.

The newest track in the Chaos Rising catalogue was composed by Stéphanie Nolf and Britta Görtz, who wrote the lyrics and lent her voice to the song. Contributing to this powerful death/thrash metal piece are Stéphanie Nolf on guitar, Mio Jäger on solo guitar, Tina Gruschwitz on bass and Audrey Gardenat on drums. 

“The lyrics to „Thrive“ are dedicated to the year 2020,” says Britta. “I wrote them in early 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic. No one knew what was going on and the word „weird“ kind of got a deeper meaning. After the first wave of show cancellations had washed over the music scene I started to realise that I had to make a choice. I could either sit there and drown my quarantine blues in alcohol or create and collaborate and do what I love most, only in a different way. In the midst of all the really bad stuff going on, I also felt inspired and thankful to have an artistic outlet. „Thrive“ describes that feeling. It is a tribute to art itself and how important music, poetry, painting, photography, dance etc. is, especially in such challenging times. People find a lot of comfort in that. So if you have any kind of creative spark inside, let it work its magic. Someone out there might find something to hold on to in it.”
Watch “Thrive” below: 

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