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Asmodina releases remastered version of “Course Of Insanity”

Asmodina, death metal band featuring ex-Arch Enemy vocalist Angela Gossow, released a remastered version of the single “Course of Insanity” off their first full-length album “Inferno”.

Formed in 1990 in Germany, Angela Gossow joined Asmodina in 1991 after their original vocalist left the band. After a few demos, they released “Inferno” in 1997. The reissue of “Inferno” will be released on 27th November 2020. The remastered album will be available as CD, vinyl and digital download. A special black/white vinyl will be limited to 200 copies and both vinyls come with a signed card by Angela Gossow, earlier demos, original lyrics and some photos.

And the most special thing is that the entire share will go to support a charity project for children Gossow has worked with for some time now. You can listen to the single on all streaming platforms and on YouTube.

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