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Ex Libris reveal a video for “The Diary”

Dutch progressive metallers Ex Libris have revealed a video for emotional piece “The Diary” off of the third part of their “Ann” trilogy. Watch it below.

The act fronted by Dianne van Giersbergen decided to divide their third full-length album into three parts, telling a story of different Ann on each of them. The first chapter introduced Anne Boleyn, Queen of England from 1533 to 1536, meanwhile the second chapter took the listeners to Russia, introducing the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II – Anastasia Romanova. The last 3-track part is dedicated to Anne Frank, one of the many innocent Jewish victims of the Holocaust, best known for her diary.

To celebrate the first anniversary since the release of the final chapter of the trilogy, “Chapter 3: Anne Frank”, the band shot a video for its opening track, “The Diary”. The video was recorded at Sandlane Recording Facilities and follows a script written by Dianne, inspired by the movie “Dogville” from director Lars von Trier. It was recorded and created by Blackbriar. Joining the vocalist on the grand piano is Joost van den Broek. 

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