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Chrysilia – Dragunera: Act II (Music Video)

Athens-based symphonic metal band Chrysilia unveils a music video for a new single Dragunera: Act II”. Watch it below.

The band was founded in 2016 by musical actress and rock performer Chryso and composer/keyboardist Elias Pero and released their debut album “Et in Arcadia ego” in 2017. It is a concept album inspired by Arcadia as it is depicted in the Renaissance. Chrysilia now presents a brand new single “Dragunera: Act II” taken from their upcoming studio album.

Dragunera, meaning “Dragon’s Water” in Greek and associated with local legends, is the scenery of the clip’s story between past and present, that often interact through a mysterious “coexistence”. “There’s no future in the past”, but sometimes memories overwhelm us, trapping the soul in a perpetual cycle. The modern climbers of “Menalon Trail”, looking for the explanation of the mythological mysteries, encounter places and figures of the past and the metaphysical connection, the narration of which begun with the band’s first single three years ago.

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