Chocobo Band unveils details of their second album

Chocobo Band, an Italian band which rearranges the best moments of Final Fantasy saga soundtracks, has announced the details of their second studio album “Tales from Other Worlds”.

While their previous work “Shuffle or Groovy” was an intimate and experimental journey through some of the most famous songs, this new excursus throughout the series’ settings is drenched in powerful and epic atmospheres, which will let you experience the same emotions felt during the games’ most heart-rending moments, in a progressive rock / symphonic metal flavour.

The songs on the album, which span most of the saga’s chapters, are rearranged by the band’s personal touch in order to ensure a cinematic and impactful rendition. In addition to the complex orchestral arrangements and the layers of modern electronic elements, an entire choir has been recorded live to underline the most epic sections. Romantic iconic ballads will be there too, to let you dream of melancholic atmospheres just before going head-on towards the next exciting boss battle.

The album will be available from the second half of December, both in physical copies and on the most famous streaming and digital platforms.


   1. Somnus (from FFXV)
   2. Apocalypsis Noctis (from FFXV)
   3. One-Winged Angel (from FFVII)
   4. Suteki Da Ne (from FFX)
   5. Battle Medley – Force Your Way (from FFVIII)
   6. Battle Medley – The Rocking Grounds (from FFIII)
   7. Battle Medley – Those Who Fight Further (from FFVII)
   8. Liberi Fatali (from FFVIII)
   9. Clash on the Big Bridge (from FFV)
   10. Eyes on Me (from FFVIII)
   11. Death Medley – JENOVA (from FFVII)
   12. Death Medley – The Extreme (from FFVIII)
   13. Death Medley – Dancing Mad Pt. I (from FFVI)
   14. Death Medley – Dancing Mad Pt. II (from FFVI)

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