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Aeranea presents new single “Your Idols Awaken”

German metal band Aeranea with Lilly Seth on vocals presents new single titled “Your Idols Awaken”. Watch the accompanying music video below.

From the bassist and co-songwriter of internationally acclaimed symphonic metal band Beyond The Black comes a new project to explore the darker sides of female fronted metal: Aeranea and its forthcoming album „A Voice For The Lost“ fills in the gap between melodic and intricate compositions and a ferocious and powerful riffing that stands out on its own in the realm of female fronted music. Ranging from head breaking metal tracks to very personal and emotional tracks, Aeranea never fear to experiment and let their diverse musical influence come into play, always tapping into the darker sides of personal experiences and the human condition, creating a signature sound of modern alternative metal.

After winning the European wide Femme Battle 2017 – which is held annually by the biggest European Metal Festival for Female fronted metal, Femme– Aeranea subsequently recorded their latest EP „The Demons Inside“ in 2017, which lay the foundation for the soon to come release of „A Voice for the Lost“. Having shared stages with bands like Infected Rain, Delain, Mister Misery, Elvellon and many more, Aeranea have proven their energetic recordings translate to a big and diverse audience. “A Voice For The Lost” is set to be released April 16th, 2021. Amidst the pandemic that raged in the music industry, Aeranea found a strong motivation to record new music and be a beacon of light in a world that turns darker and darker,

Watch the video for their new single “Your Idols Awaken”:

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