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Spiritbox – Constance (Music Video)

Canadian metallers Spiritbox are back with a new emotional single “Constance” with even more touching music video.

The song is taken from Spiritbox’s upcoming debut full-length album, due out 2021. “Constance” is a tribute and goodbye to vocalist Courtney LaPlante’s grandmother Phyllis who passed away this year. The heavily emotional music video was created in collaboration with a director Dylan Hryciuk who, just like Courtney, recently experienced a heavy loss of his grandmother who suffered from dementia.

Courtney comments: “I think this year has been extra hard on all of us that have lost someone important, as we are not able to get the closure we would normally be able to access. No funerals, no traveling to be with family, not being able to say goodbye to the person you miss so much. It’s horrible, I’m sorry for all of us, and I’m sorry for those that suffered during this pandemic and had to go through these things that no one should have to go through alone. It’s not fair.” 

“This song is kind of my own little eulogy to my Grandmother Phyllis, who I call my “Amah”, who passed away this summer,” she explains. “Due to border shut downs, I was not able to say goodbye to my grandmother Phyllis, to whom the song is in tribute, or attend her funeral. I always promised her that I would sing at her memorial service, because she always requested a ‘pretty song with none of that scary screaming’.”

She continues: “Dylan and I wrote the lyrics and video in tandem, as I processed the death of my Amah, and he processed the cruel illness of his Grandmother, Constance. Dementia feels like you’ve lost the person you love, forever, even before they are gone. It’s not fair.” The video is a tribute to Dylan’s grandmother Constance and shows the band in a new light, portraying a different form of horror which is a crucial element of Spiribox’s visuals. She adds: “Our music videos usually have a horror element to them, and we wanted to explore a different side of horror: the horror of feeling like your mind is betraying you, due to a long battle with dementia. With Dylan’s permission, we named the song ‘Constance’ to immortalize her story.”

The song was released this past Friday, on the day of Constance’s birthday. “We did not plan this, but today happens to be Constance’s birthday, and I wish her a special day. She seemed like and amazing woman. I know my Amah was,” sums up Courtney.

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