“Being an artist is in my veins.” – Interview with Karin Monserrat of Slaverty

2020 has been tough on musicians indeed, but one of the positive things about this weird year is definitely the great number of debut albums that blessed our ears. Chilean symphonic/melodic metal band Slaverty also tried their luck and delivered their debut “Beyond Imagination” in late November. And, of course, we couldn’t help but talk this record and beyond with their frontlady Karin Monserrat. Enjoy!

MG: Hello Karin! Thank you for your time. How are you doing?

Karin: Hi! I’m so good.  Thank you for having me here!

MG: Slaverty is relatively a new band. Could you introduce your work and yourself? Who is Slaverty and Karin Monserrat? How did your musical journey begin?

Karin: We are a metal band from Santiago de Chile formed in 2014 by George (manager) and me. We started to look for musicians, who wanted to be part of this project, and fortunately, we found awesome guys. Juanjo (guitarist) was the first one, then Matías (keyboardist) and Oscar (drummer), after them Matías recruited two incredible musicians, in 2018 Soco Moraga (lead guitarist) and this year Simón Espinosa (bassist). It has been a long journey and a lot of work because you have to create something from nothing.

MG: You’ve just dropped your debut album titled “Beyond Imagination”. Congratulations! Share your thoughts and feelings on this milestone with us. How does it feel?

Karin: Oh! Thank you so much. Well, it’s like a dream. I never even imagined recording a song and now we have an album! I love when people say “I feel a special connection with the band”, “your music inspired me”. I feel so lucky and grateful. Thank you, Dreamers!

MG: Your first single “The Biggest Mistake” was released in 2016 and you let us wait for your second single “Dementia” until the beginning of 2020. What took you so long? In those 3-4 years, was there ever a moment you were thinking the band would be over?

Karin: Yes, like you said we released the first single “The Biggest Mistake” in 2016 because that song was the only song we had finished the arrangements for. At that time we were looking for the “sound” we wanted for Slaverty and we didn’t have much money to spend if this project wouldn’t work out. So, we decided to record one song to test how it’d turn out. Fortunately, many people loved “The Biggest Mistake” and we began to look into how to raise the money and continue with this project.

MG: We’re living in strange times with the pandemic and all and musicians are one of the most affected groups. What difficulties did you have to face during the recordings of “Beyond Imagination”?

Karin: While the guys were in the studio recording instruments, I had an injury in one vocal cord. That was so sad because I lost confidence in my voice for a while. I had to record my voice twice, but I’m happy now because the second recording session was awesome and very fast.

MG: Holding the album in your hands, what would you say is the hardest thing about releasing a debut album for a band?

Karin: Well, actually the hardest part for me was the beginning. When I had the idea and nothing else. But,  when you have to launch an album, everything must be thought about; singles, release date, logistics, social media…everything! And believe me,  your tummy can’t resist it.

MG: Going back to “Dementia”, you have dropped a stunning music video for it. I absolutely love it! What was the shooting like? Did you enjoy the process of making a video or was it more of a stressful situation for you?

Karin: I love it too! Thank you.  I love shooting videos. Acting is so comfortable for me, I like that. I don’t know why? I think I am a big “Drama Queen” (laughs)

I can remember the soil like a dust devil, our faces and hair were terrible and we had to run every time. Now you can see the “wind FX” absolutely natural.

MG: The album lyrics revolve around the concept of being on a personal level but also on a bigger scale. Karin, do you prefer writing/singing about more personal stuff or something more general that doesn’t necessarily concern you as an individual?

Karin: Well, it depends on the situation. When I have to say something about myself, it’s easier to take a sheet of paper and write. It was such a relief. I also write stories about magical places, magical creatures, and fantasy stories but created by me.

MG: There is a wide palette of songs on the album; heavy pieces, tracks that are more melodic, more on the symphonic side… Do you prefer heavier tracks or slower songs and ballads?

Karin: I love both, I like heavy songs, it makes me feel energetic and powerful sometimes. Ballads are perfect when you feel sad, so I think it depends on my mood and weather, yes…weather.

MG: Chilean and Latin American fans, in general, are known for being very welcoming, loving, and passionate towards foreign bands that tour over there. Are they also this supportive of local bands?

Karin: I love how warm we are about foreign bands, but in general, for local bands it is not the same experience. Fortunately, Slaverty has many fans from Chile and other countries. We feel and see their support. We really love our fans. They are our “ Dreamers”.

MG: Being a musician, what do you enjoy the most?

Karin: To sing and express my feelings with people who really want to listen to me. Being an artist is in my veins. When I listen to music, my mind and my body want to express themselves, too.

MG: And on the contrary, what do you like the least? Is there anything you wish to change?

Karin: Unfortunately, singers can’t change their cords like a guitar or another instrument. It’s not fair! (laughs) So, I’d like to change my vocal cords if I’m sick or if I feel tired…That’s not gonna happen, so we have to be careful with our vocal cords.

MG: Now that the album is out, what are your plans for 2021? What can we expect from Slaverty next year?

Karin: Well, we would like to have a tour promoting “Beyond Imagination”, but you know… the virus is still here. We really want to meet our fans face to face, I hope so.  On the other hand, we have some ideas for a second album, so I want to write more songs and work on them with the band.

MG: Thank you, Karin! Have lovely holidays and all the best for 2021!

Karin: Thank YOU! I wish you all the best for the rest of 2020 and have a marvelous 2021. And you too, Dreamers! Have an incredible holiday!

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