Metal Goddesses Awards

Metal Goddesses Awards 2020 – Round 1

It’s time! We waited for the very last releases of the year to be dropped before we ask you to crown the queens and kings of 2020. Yes! The third edition of Metal Goddesses Awards is here and you know what they say; third time’s the charm! The past twelve months were very challenging for the music industry but also one of the best in terms of the number of spectacular albums, songs, music videos and performances that blessed us during this troubling period.

The categories and rules remain almost the same as last year. We decided to adapt to the situation a little and change the “live band of the year” category for “best lockdown entertainer”, therefore the one who kept us entertained throughout the quarantine with stuff like covers, Youtube videos, Instagram lives, social media posts etc. Also, another tiny change is that you can vote for several nominees in the first three categories: “album of the year”, “song of the year” and “music video of the year”. It’s kinda hard to choose just one from over 60! albums, for example. Right?

But don’t forget that only the top five nominees of each category will advance to the second and final round, so choose wisely! What else to say? Just have fun, support the best and cast your votes before we close the poll on January 2!

Note: you need to be logged into your Google account to vote.

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