Imperia announces a new album

Symphonic metal band Imperia announces their sixth studio album titled “The Last Horizon”.

Imperia was formed in 2004 by Norwegian singer Helena Iren Michaelsen after she parted ways with Dutch band Sahara Dust (currently known as Epica). Their sound is especially evident by the distinguished voice of Michaelsen who sings in a variety of styles from deep emotional feelings to extreme operatic expressions and grunts. Imperia’s music is full of vivacity, it is heavy, bombastic and orchestral, but it also contains elements of pure metal. The band is a true cross-border unit of musicians originating from different countries: Norway, Finland, Germany and Belgium.

In the early 2020, the band started recording their sixth studio album and by April the recordings were finished. As always, Oliver Philipps took care of the orchestrations and Jacob Hansen mixed and mastered the album. The new album, titled “The Last Horizon”, became the most epic and grand Imperia album ever and therefore it was decided to split it on 2 separate CDs. Almost 80 minutes of music varying from thrash metal riffs and guitar shred to epic cinematic atmospheres and intimate piano ballads are all included in this album.

“The Last Horizon” is set to release on March 26 via Massacre Records. You can see the cover artwork created by Jan Yrlund below. More details to follow.


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