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Nocean releases “The Phantom” single and video

Swedish cinematic metal band Nocean presents new single off of their upcoming third studio album. Watch the self-produced music video for “The Phantom”, presenting new members Jonas Pettersson and Hampus Isaksson, below.

The metal band Nocean from Stockholm spends their quarantine time writing and producing their third album. Nocean‘s third album will be a concept album in gothic style and with a fictional story about grief. An animated short film will be blended into the live show and they will be playing on Swedish theater stages during fall 2021. “We have already booked epic theatres here in Sweden,” says singer Hanna Olsson.

Nocean has produced their songs and videos on their own for a long time and they have found many fans via social media. They had a label on the first record but they now choose to continue producing themselves. The concept album planned for the autumn of 2021 will probably not have a record company deal. “Having a record company is luxurious, but it can also mean that you are not allowed to do what you are passionate about to the fullest. We do not want a label right now, we all agree on that. Maybe in the future, but right now we do this ourselves, it works very well,” says Hanna.

Nocean was recently joined by two new members – Jonas Pettersson (drums) and Hampus Isaksson (bass). Hanna comments: “In addition to developing musically, we get both new energy and new influences. Jonas Pettersson who is our new drummer comes from the slightly more progressive side of metal and of course, he sneaks in several odd beats here and there! Hampus on bass has both heavier metal and pop in their luggage and this is what is so awesome about writing music together.” 

“If you look at how we look in private, we may not look like stereotypical metalheads. We’re probably not people you notice in town. But in the upcoming album project, we will dress up!” promises Hanna. “Then it becomes part of the creative where we portray characters that could have been taken from a Tim Burton film.” 

The band now presents the third single off of the album: “The song “The Phantom” is about being trapped in your own inner self, about having an inner demon that constantly follows. The music video was recorded both in our home studio and in the area around Wenngarn’s castle in Sigtuna.” 

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