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Vengeant premiere their debut single

Up-and-coming Swedish progressive symphonic metallers Vengeant premiere their epic debut single “Angel’s Battle Cry”. Stream the song below.

Swedish progressive symphonic metal band Vengeant inspired by  strategy card game “Magic: the Gathering” just released their first single “Angel’s Battle Cry”.  The band was founded by lead guitarist, bassist and composer Christoffer Holm and manager Emma Elmén. In 2021, the final lineup for the band was announced with Danae Komodromou (vocals), Alfred Fridhagen (drums) and Dennis Eriksson (rhythm guitar). 

The anticipation for this release has been immense to say the least, 13.000+ fans have been waiting to hear the very first bit of music from the band. You can expect power metal and operatic vocals, orchestral arrangements, heavy riffs, lightning fast guitar solos, everything from slow heavy drums to fast blast beats.

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