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MoonSun unveil new single “Falling”

German symphonic power metal band MoonSun unveils a new single titled “Falling”.

MoonSun was founded by Susanne Scherer and Thomas Kolbin in 2011 in Germany. Back at that time, they created acoustic covers and composed original songs with an acoustic guitar. Their YouTube channel grew and they produced their albums “Silent Pieces” in 2013 and “Inner Clouds” in 2015 in their home studio by themselves. In 2018, MoonSun toured with the metal a cappella band Van Canto. It was then, that they had the courage to change their musical style to heavier music, which can be heard on their EP “Rise And Shine”. This European tour gave them the opportunity to play shows in front of crowds up to 1,000 people. Since then, they wrote symphonic power metal songs for their growing Youtube channel and released these songs on the album titled “Escapalace” in 2020.

Following “Never Too Late” released last year in September, MoonSun now present a brand new single “Falling”. Listen to it below:

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