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Scarlet Aura release re-mastered version of “Shamanic Eye”

Romanian heavy metallers Scarlet Aura share re-mastered version of “Shamanic Eye” off of their debut album “Falling Sky”. The new version of the song comes with a music video, available below.

In 2016, Scarlet Aura has released their first album, the album that got them to the European stage and brought worldwide fans attention. This year, the band celebrates the 5th anniversary of “Falling Sky” in no other way than with a re-recording, re-mix and remastering of this amazing album. As the original was produced by the well-known RoyZ, the anniversary edition is produced by the one who also wrote the songs – Mihai “Myke D” Danciulescu, producer & guitarist of the band. This special treat was recorded at the Silver City Studio by the actual Scarlet Aura members – Aura Danciulescu, Mihai Danciulescu, Rares Rene Nistor and Sorin Ristea. The 5th Anniversary edition of the album comes out on 16th of April.

“Shamanic Eye” is an incantation of the senses, a dispossession of own self, a luring invitation to open your inner eye, the one without flaws, the eye of truth and of the spiritual depictions. Believe and you shall see with your shamanic eye the unveiled truth that is to our immediate senses hidden and experience its magic!

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