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September Mourning unveil “Kill This Love” single and video

Hard rock graphic novel art project September Mourning drops new single “Kill This Love”. Watch the official music video below.

Hard rock, graphic novel art project September Mourning storms into 2021 with a visually stunning music video for their newest single “Kill This Love.” The video was created by Rich Juzwick and is the follow up to “Wake The Dead” in preparation for the band’s upcoming full length release “Volume IV”.  “Kill This Love” is their second single partnered with Legend Recordings & INgrooves.

Vocalist September comments: “’Kill this Love’ is the musical adaptation of a specific feeling…. the heaviness one feels in their heart when it becomes the obvious prey of someone or something they cannot escape from.

The music alternates back and forth from heavy to sparse in an almost agitated way as to depict the emotional rollercoaster of the lyric.

As pertaining to the comic, ‘Kill this Love’ depicts the inner struggle of the protagonist September as she looks back on her battle with Fate and the strange pull he seems to have over her. She struggles internally with her desire to fight for what she loves and the pain it brings her.” 

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