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Fireproven release new single “The Maze”

Finnish progressive metal act Fireproven unveils a new single titled “The Maze”. Listen to it below.

Fireproven is a five piece progressive metal band from Helsinki, Finland fronted by Sanna Solanterä. The band is known for their long, imagery songs and their energetic live shows. Fireproven’s debut album “Future Diary” was released in 2018 and received many positive reviews. The International Music Video Contest also rewarded their music video for the song “Shine” featuring Noora Louhimo for the best director of photography.

In 2019, their sophisticated musical style was paired with powerful female vocals when Sanna Solanterä joined the band. Fireproven now present a new single “The Maze”, which is a really energetic blend of aggressive guitar riffs and drums and astonishing vocals. Click play.

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