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Nocean – The Hope (Music Video)

Swedish cinematic metal band Nocean unveils new single “The Hope”. Watch the video below.

The cinematic metal band Nocean from Stockholm spends their quarantine time writing and producing their third album, which will also include an animated short film. Today, the band unveiled a music video for their new single titled “The Hope”.

Singer Hanna Olsson comments: “The song “The Hope” is about feeling hopeful during a period of grief or loss.” 

Nocean’s third album will be a concept album in gothic style and with a fictional story about grief. The album will be released in the autumn of 2021. An animated short film will be integrated into the project and a live show on Swedish theater stages is being booked. “We have already booked epic theatres here in Sweden. Metal isn’t usually played for a seated audience but we want to do it that way,” says Hanna.

Nocean’s debut album 2016 “Nothing To Hide” was released on record label but after that the band has chosen to do everything themselves. Hanna explains: “We want full artistic freedom and we also possess many skills that allow us to do, for example, videos, music production and marketing on our own. Now that we are creating the musical, we even do our own lights and we manage the tour production together with our own team.” 

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