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Dear Mother – A Soul For Hire (Music Video)

The Dutch-based alternative metal/rock trio Dear Mother releases a new single “A Soul For Hire” taken from their upcoming debut album “Bulletproof”. Watch the animated video below.

The band will release its debut studio album “Bulletproof” on July 18th. The album represents a fresh start for musicians Merel Bechtold, Joey Marin de Boer and David ‘Pear’ Hruska, after touring the world with multiple established bands. They decided to leave everything behind and choose their own path.

Speaking to guitarist Merel Bechtold, she labelled the song as the most scary one to release, stating that the “song is very different from all that we’ve done so far. Especially for metalheads: they’re gonna love it or they’e gonna hate it! Nothing in between.” 

Vocalist David Pear adds that the album “is very diverse” and they’re “playing out with different vibes” with “some heavier tracks, and at the same time you can hear some crazy stuff in the semi-proggy tunes.” According to him, the latest single is “the most experimental” piece on the album. Read the full interview with Merel and David here.

Watch the animated video for the album’s fifth single “A Soul For Hire”:

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