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Helion Prime – Words Of The Abbot (Lyric Video)

Science based power metallers Helion Prime have unveiled a lyric video for “Words Of The Abbot”, song taken from their latest studio album “Question Everything”. Watch it below.

“Question Everything” is Helion Prime’s third concept album in which each song features a different scientific figure from history who faced hardships and/or persecution on the way to having their work acknowledged. This is Helion Prime’s first album with new vocalist Mary Zimmer, who has also accompanied the band on two separate tours of the United States. It also sees the band’s original singer, Heather Michele, returning in a writing capacity and contributing all lyrics and melodies. Heather Michele also along with other former Helion Prime vocalist Sozos Michael add their guest vocals on the full length.

The latest single “Words Of The Abbot” features guest vocals from John Yelland (Judicator, Dire Peril) and is dedicated to Abbot Gregor Mendel (1822-1884), “The Father of Modern Genetics”.

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