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Atomic Symphony unveils new single “Nightfall”

Swiss progressive metallers Atomic Symphony unveil new single, over 10 minutes long epic piece titled “Nightfall”. Watch the lyric video below.

Originally a symphonic metal band, Atomic Symphony was founded in 2009. After a turbulent time of members joining and leaving the band, it has finally found the perfect constellation as a five piece. With a growing interest for bands like Dream Theater and Meshuggah, the band’s interests soon shifted from symphonic metal to progressive metal, and the band released their self-produced debut album “Redemption” in 2015.

Thundering guitar riffs adorned with virtuoso solos, supported by an energizing fat bass and drums that are dripping with hard rhythms and fills! In addition, the keyboardist gives the whole thing a unique flavor with epic, melodic strings and cutting synthesizers. The songs are rounded by a powerful vocal performance of Jasmine Baggenstos that manages to get the last bit of power out of the music. 

Listen to Atomic Symphony’s brand new single “Nightfall”: 

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