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Marialena – Vanity (Music Video)

Greek lyric soprano, musician and vocal coach Marialena Trikoglou unveils a music video for “Vanity” off of her debut album. Watch it below.

Born  in Athens, Marialena completed studies in vocal and music performance and performed regularly in various concerts and operas across Greece. Marialena is active in musicals and operas and she works with bands also in different styles, including metal. Her studies also include classical piano, music theory and theatre. For the last two years, her career is in metal music. She is working on solo projects and collaborations with the first album in her hands, titled “Vanity”. The album features eight songs and came out in April 2020. 

For her latest single, Marialena chose the title track of her debut album. Watch the music video for “Vanity”: 

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