Sisters Of Suffocation announce new album

Dutch death metallers Sisters Of Suffocation reveal details and launch crowdfunding for their upcoming third studio album “Eradication”. See more details below.

“We – Sisters of Suffocation – are very proud to announce our third full-length studio album: ‘Eradication’! This concept album tells tales about a mutilated world, and how people might endure that world. The sound of the album is a mix of old and new school death metal, with unexpected but interesting twists. 16 tracks full of destructive and high energy music!” announced the band their third studio album that will be released in 2021.

“Eradication” is a sequel to Sisters Of Suffocation’s latest album “Humans Are Broken”, where they “continue discovering the fate that humanity has put unto itself.” The album is divided into three acts, each of them telling a different devastating tale about this world.  If you could afford it, you could buy a ticket to save your life and secure a spot in one of many nuclear shelters. 

In the first act, a young woman tries to survive this world by enduring pain, hunger and loneliness. In the second act, we take a look at life in a nuclear shelter. The third and last act is about the life of the elite, high up in the sky as only the filthy rich could reserve a spot on the spaceship that will escape the Earth. 


The album has been already recorded, mixed and mastered. To bring these new songs to our ears, the band’s launched a crowdfunding to make the release as successful and great as possible with music videos, photoshoots, cool merchandise etc. 

The exact release date of “Eradication” has not been set yet, due to uncertain situation caused by the pandemic. “We will release the album in 2021, but there may be an uncertainty in the exact date due to the COVID-19 lockdown set by the government,” comments the band. Meanwhile, support the band through the crowdfunding here

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