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Czech Metal Act STELL/\RIS release the first sigle of their upcoming debut EP “Upside Down”

The first single of the upcoming EP “Upside Down” and the first single, which was created in cooperation with Vojtěch Pačesný – this is “Echoes of the Past”. STELL/\RIS thus opens a new stage of its activity on the metal scene and believes that this direction will be appreciated by their fans and they will not miss a single concert.

Modern sound and production combined with clean vocals and brutal screams and growls of the singer Nicol. Not only this is the new single Echoes of the Past. At the same time, it remains accessible to a wider group of people, and not only thanks to clean vocals Nicol. As for the lyrics, it deals with the present time of the reign of fear, when the patterns of behavior of our ancestors from the past return to us as an echo of the past, when we again make the same mistakes and allow ourselves to be led astray by fear. The text thus brings with it a warning message not to repeat the same mistakes, to think critically and not to accept everything as it is presented to us and to protect basic human values – respect for human rights and freedoms. Although it sounds like a boring statement, the idea is now taking on a much different and greater meaning in the context of what has been happening here over the past two years and should aim to encourage people to try to see things in a broader context.

BIO: STELL/\RIS is a metal band, established in 2019 in Prague, perceptibly influenced on metalcore roots. This four piece band will take you on the journey without any musical boundaries, based on heavy guitars, intense grooves and wide-range vocals of the frontwoman Nicol. In 2020 band released their very first music video single “Find Your Course” which immediately got attention both in Czech republic as well as abroad. In summer 2021 band performed on Fajtfest festival, one of the major Czech metal events, where also the  live music video for  singl „Mountain Soul“ was shot. Main goal for the band remains original music creation alongside with the ecstatic energy hitting everyone on the shows. STELL/\RIS is currently focusing on making their EP, which will be released in early 2022.







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