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Persona releases new album “Animal“

Founded in 2012 by lead guitarist Melik Melek Khelifa and Serbian singer/pianist Jelena Dobric, and joined shortly thereafter by the guitarist Yosri Ouada, Persona quickly established themselves with the release of Elusive Reflections (2016) and Metamorphosis (2017). With an exotic and graceful atmosphere flowing through their modern metal sound, yet unafraid to flex some more extreme muscles when needed, Persona will not be held captive by the usual conventions of the female-fronted metal genre. Relocating to Germany in 2019 and solidifying a new line-up with Eike Nehen on the bass and Simon Schröder filling out the rhythm section, the band has already played some successful shows in Germany, released the single “Alpha” in October 2020, and finally their third full-length titled “Animal” on October 23rd, 2021. The new record demonstrates yet another shift in the band’s style and showcases powerful, edgy and modern-sounding tracks that will immediately grip you and take you on a most exciting ride full of surprises. The new metamorphosis in the band’s impressive evolution clearly shows they are more than ready to make their definitive mark on the global metal scene.

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