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Imperial Age announce „Worldwide Online Concert – Live New World“ on December 26th

The Russian symphonic metal band Imperial Age would like to shorten the waiting time for their fans until the release of the long awaited new studio album „New World“ and announces a worldwide online concert on December 26th, 19:00 CET. The band will be presenting songs from the upcoming album as well as older songs, for example from their stunning album „The Legacy of Atlantis“ (2018).

The band, which offers three fantastic voices, namely Alexander „Aor“ Osipov (tenor), Anna „KiaRa“ Moiseeva (soprano) and Jane „Corn“ Odintsova (mezzo-soprano), explains: „100 % Live Broadcast, Q&A between songs, an enourmous hall, 25 units of light, orchestra, choir, 7 cameras and of course all songs from the ‘New World’ album – this is our greatest show so far by any measure!!“

The attendance is free, but of course, donations are welcomed. The event also serves to prepare for the upcoming concerts in the UK in January as well as a concert in Moscow in February. The originally planned tour through mainland Europe unfortunately had to be postponed a few days ago.

Watch the online live show here







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