Slashy Sue launches Slasher Fest

Swedish horror metal act Slashy Sue based on the life of serial killer Susan Henderson launches their very own festival Slasher Fest. Read more details below.

Slashy Sue proudly presents the first feast edition of Slasher Fest. 
Slasher Fest is (for now) an online metal festival with live performances, digital merchbooths, a slightly wicked cannibal as your host and of course an after party!

“Join us in the feast, and we promise to keep you entertained the whole night!” promises the band.

The festival will take place on May 8, starting at 9pm CEST. The entrance is free and the possibility to support the bands by buying merchandise or donation will be available. 

The festival will be streamed at Slashy Sue’s Youtube channel.

The first band confirmed for the festival is Swedish melodic metal band Son of Sam. More announcements to come soon, so stay tuned!


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