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Chaos Rising reveal new song “The Line”

International all-female collaborative metal project Chaos Rising is back with a new song. Listen to “The Line” below.

Chaos Rising is an online collaborative metal project created in 2019 by French songwriter, vocalist and instrumentalist Stéphanie Nolf. It unites female metal artists from all across the globe with the purpose to show and promote their abilities and talent. The collaborators get involved in a wide spectrum of aspects of the music industry; from playing to recording to album production to promotion and design.

The women of Chaos Rising do not rest and continue to break walls even during these uncertain times for the music world. With the help of online tools, these talented musicians from across the globe team up again and present a brand new song titled “The Line”. The song follows their latest February doom release “The Greatness Beyond” and is their eleventh original effort to date.

“The Line” personel involves songwriter and guitarist Stéphanie Nolf, drummer Pitchu Ferraz, bassist Tina Gruschwitz and Imke von Helden Bass contributing vocals and lyrics. Watch the video below:

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