Frozen Crown releases new single “Towards The Sun”

Italian power metallers Frozen Crown present the second single with their renewed line-up. Stream “Towards The Sun” below.

The song is taken from Frozen Crown’s upcoming third studio album “Winterbane”, due out April 23 via Scarlet Records. Following “Far Beyond”, “Towards The Sun” is the second song featuring new members Fabiola “Sheena” Bellomo on lead guitar, Francesco Zof on bass and Niso Tomasini on drums.

The third chapter consolidates the classic Frozen Crown trademark sound and brings it to the next level, giving priority to a straightforward and in-your-face approach based on powerful and dynamic drums and thundering bass lines. Guitar work plays a key role again, this time richer and more intricate than ever, drawing catchy melodies along lead singer Giada Etro’s vocals.

The album was once again produced by Andrea Fusini, who delivered the best and most powerful production ever in Frozen Crown history. The album features a special guest appearance by talented singer Federica Lanna (Volturian) and a cover of a classic Judas Priest song from the “Painkiller” album.

“‘Winterbane’ brings out the darker, heavier and louder nature of Frozen Crown, more powerful and raw than ever. There will be Blood… on the Snow!” promises the band.

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