Synlakross share new single “Stardust”

Spanish death metallers Synlakross unveil new single from their upcoming concept album “0K4M1”. Listen to “Stardust” now.

“Stardust” is the third single from band’s upcoming LP “0K4M1”, due out April 30. With their fourth studio album, Synlakross present a story of a half-human, half-alien creature sending us a message from somewhere millions of light years away. 0K4M1 is a creature created by humans from a synthetic embryo and alien DNA. Created to be a lethal weapon, the new antichrist. Before dying, it decides to record its life experience and share it with everyone who receives this message. Because perhaps its experience can ease the listener’s existential pain and suffering.

The band: “It is a sad but beautiful album, dark but full of energy. An epic space opera that marks a new era for the band. We know who we are, we know what we want. This is our sound. Love it or hate it.” 

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