Aeranea postpones upcoming album release

German metal band Aeranea postpones the release of their upcoming album “A Voice For The Lost”.

The release of “A Voice For The Lost” has been pushed from April 16 to May 14, so the fans have to wait almost a month longer. The band shared the sad news through their social media, explaining: “The reason being unforeseen consequences due to the ongoing Corona-pandemic that you guys surely have heard about. Many things are out of our control these days and unfortunately so is this. We hope for your understanding and look very much forward to release A VOICE FOR THE LOST in 4 weeks!”

Aeranea and their forthcoming album „A Voice For The Lost“ fills in the gap between melodic and intricate compositions and a ferocious and powerful riffing that stands out on its own in the realm of female fronted music. Ranging from head breaking metal tracks to very personal and emotional tracks, Aeranea never fear to experiment and let their diverse musical influence come into play, always tapping into the darker sides of personal experiences and the human condition, creating a signature sound of modern alternative metal.

Listen to the “Your Idols Awaken” taken from the album:

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